Invitation to Participate in Survey on UAS Operations

Global UAS OPS is the first in-depth international survey on drone operations targeting drone operators in all countries, being conducted by RPS Info, The International remotely piloted systems information source, in which 37 countries around the world have already participated.

The aim of the survey is to collect information from non-military UAS users to identify drone operators by the operational category and type of operator, current and near-future market sectors and flight missions, and thus contribute to the identification of the drone operator community to regulators and investors.

Our users are kindly requested to participate in the survey and contribute to the development and regulation of the UAS sector. The survey is available in English, French, and Spanish at the above link, and the average time required to complete it is 13 minutes.

The survey will remain open and online until December 31, 2020. The results will be available at the RPS Info website on January 31, 2021. Please see the RPS Info website for all information.

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