AMC Portal Celebrates 1st Anniversary “INFORM BEFORE FLIGHT”

Dear Zagreb FIR airspace users,

It is our pleasure to inform you that on June 7 it has been precisely a year since the launching of the AMC Portal.

Introducing the Portal in operational use meant reaching the key targets for preserving the safety of all airspace users and raising their general awareness.

  • Real-time information on the current and planned situation in airspace has been provided to all airspace users in a simple manner understandable to all.
  • The airspace reservation process has been digitalized, enabling fast and simple access to airspace to users, as well as direct communication with the competent national ASM system.
  • The prerequisites have been met for a safe introduction of RPAS/UAV activities into airspace and their integration with other airspace users.

We would like to use this opportunity to inform all of our users that we shall continue actively upgrading and improving the AMC Portal in order to preserve a high level of airspace safety and to enhance its functionality in line with the needs, requests and remarks of all airspace users.

Many thanks to all AMC Portal users for cooperation!

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